Best Potty!

The best potty for toddlers is this one.

Kalencom 2-in-1 Potette Plus

Imagine when you are flying with twins or with your toddler who is potty trained but is only 2-3 years old and doesn’t understand the concept “hold it until we land”. On our descent into Toronto, flight attendants were sitting down, the wheels were going down, one of my girls had to go potty – immediately! With this potty – I was able to pull it from my backpack, put the liner on it, slide it under my 2-year-old, all while wearing her seatbelt and mine. Before we touched down, I had wrapped up the pee (similar to a dog poop bag), the potty was back in my bag and the travelers around me were clapping at the performance. The other use for this potty is to flatten it and place it on a public toilet and tell your child to hold onto the purple sides instead of sitting on or touching a public toilet seat.

We head to the parks all through the year, and many restrooms are closed during the Fall, Winter and Spring seasons. As Daniel the Tiger Prince Wednesday Goes to the Potty / Daniel Goes to the Potty [HD]

says in his video “When you have to go Potty, Stop and go right away”. Well if there isn’t a potty open or clean, you can set up right beside the playground. A caregiver with twins or multiples or another child knows it’s difficult to get the one that doesn’t have to go potty to come to the restroom. This product enables you to stay within eyesight of your other child.

I recommend this to everyone that has a child who is under the age of 5. **Don’t forget the plastic liners. They are similar to plastic bags but fit perfectly for this potty and it has a pad inside to absorb wetness.
Kalencom Potette Plus Liners – 30 Liners


  1. Great list Paula! I used almost exactly the same products for my twins. The bouncy chairs were invaluable…they slept and ate in these until they were 4 months old. We had a set upstairs and downstairs so we didn’t have to carry the child in the seat up and downstairs if they were sleeping. I look forward to trying out the potty seat…that’s brilliant!!! We’re still in diapers at 15 months. When should I think about potty training anyways?


    • Hi Roisin
      I highly recommend buying and reading the 3 Day Potty Training

      She says 18 months but I wasn’t ready until they were 2. They were exactly 2 and 1 month. (I also did it in January since the weather was bad and didn’t need to go anywhere) I started on a Wednesday though, hired some help because you really can’t do anything else for that 3 days and by starting on the Wed. I was able to give myself an extra 2 days -Sat/Sun, just in case, which is what I needed with one of them because one of them was very independent and because I wanted her to go on the potty she resisted. Lori mentions this in her book. The reason why I hired help for this was, when one had to go the other didn’t or if there was an accident on the floor and then the other had to go it just seemed like it would get out of hand. Also if I didn’t laundry and house stuff didn’t get done for 3 days. I also used m&ms and lollypops.


  2. I completely agree with all these twin recommendations and have used all products (except the stroller – wasn’t around for my now 4yr old twins but wish it had been!!!) I’d also add the double snap n go stroller as a savior for the first 8 months. Good luck twin moms! 🙂


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