Initial Equipment List – for Twins

This is my initial list:

1. Join a multiple mom support group. If you’re on the Eastside of Seattle – join EMOMs or SNOmoms. The reason is that most multiple groups have a huge consignment sales once or twice a year, and many of the members sell their slightly used products on the member website. *You will be going through products very fast and costs add up. Plus in the early days you will have questions and the mothers on these support groups are a wealth of information and can help you.

2. Buy this book – When You’re Expecting Twins, Triplets, or Quads: Proven Guidelines for a Healthy Multiple Pregnancy, 3rd Edition.

This is the most important book for you having twins. No other book will get you to your 37 weeks (normal twin pregnancy term), and keep your babies out of the NICU (Neonatal Intensive Care Unit). Don’t waste your money on others. Unless you want a good laugh (singleton pregnancy) Belly Laughs: The Naked Truth about Pregnancy and Childbirth

3. Car Seat – your babies will be smaller than singleton pregnancies so you need a car seat that will be able to hold your babies. My girls were 5.7lbs and 5.8lbs. We used Chicco Keyfit 30 Infant Car Seat and Base, Sedona

One of the reasons why I like this car seat is it has an insert for babies that are 4lbs. It also has a snap cover and you can just put your child in, with a blanket and then snap the cover over their body to keep them dry and warm. (For first time moms and dads your babies must pass the car seat test before coming home. They have to sit in the car seat for 1 hour and test that they won’t fall forward. The nurses administer this test.) The other reason why I liked this car seat is that it fits in my car. If you have children already you will need to determine how you can fit all the children in with the right size car seat. See my photos in the gallery.

4. Stroller – I loved my City Select stroller!!! Baby Jogger City Select Stroller with 2nd Seat Onyx
You will need to buy the adapters to go with it for your car seats. The stroller shown in this picture is for toddlers. *You do not need the bassinets – that’s a waste, because if you drive somewhere to walk i.e. mall or park, the babies will be sleeping and you do not want to disturb a sleeping baby at nap time (I say at nap time only – I’ll post on sleep later) by transferring them. The stroller is light (you’ll be lifting two babies and will have huge biceps). The car seats just snap into the stroller. I like this stroller because you can swivel it so you can open the door to Starbucks or wherever by yourself without a struggle. Plus it goes through aisles much easier than a snap n go and other double strollers. Merry Go Round in Bellevue have a variety of strollers including this one for you to try out. I highly recommend you go and try them all out.
If you want to keep your sanity after you get the green light to exercise from your doctor and you live in a rainy climate like Seattle I strongly recommend you purchase the rain gear for the carseats. I walked twice a day once in the morning with another twin mom and once in the afternoon around witching hour.

5. Burp cloths – I used cloth diapers. Think about it – the babies are burping up at least every 3 hours on you, at least one of your babies is going to get you good. The cloth diapers are super absorbent and really do you need to spend a lot on something that is cleaning up spit up? I had 20.
Gerber Birdseye 10 Count Flatfold Cloth Diapers, White

6. Sleepers – your babies are small and will be premie size. Many companies don’t have premie size they have newborn. Newborn is still too big. EMOMs has a premie closet and the volunteers drop sleepers off to you and all they ask is if you wash them and give them back when you’re done. Your babies will be premie for a few weeks and then they’ll be in the newborn. My favorite sleepers and doulas will also say this too – are the sleepers with snaps. NOT ZIPPER. The reason is 1. you’re tired and you may ‘zip’ skin and 2. at night when you’re changing their diaper you want to keep them in a dream state. If you have a zipper sleeper you’ll have to unzip from top to bottom thus waking baby up fully with cool air on chest. If you have snaps then you only have to unsnap waist down. Cotton only for sensitive skin and again – this is where you could bring out some creativity in clothes as they will be in sleepers. HOWEVER – you will probably be swaddling your babies when they sleep so you’ll want plain no design ones because when you swaddle you don’t want extra material. I loved the Little Me Mini Heart Layette Pink, Preemie

There are plenty of boy and neutral colors. You will need to bring 4 sleepers with you to the hospital. Always bring extra just in case one gets ruin by puke, pee or other!

7. Swaddle/Receiving Blankets – First – Read The Happiest Baby on the Block

and be sure to have your partner read it. It’s a short read, you can also buy the video if you want. There are loads of swaddle blankets – expensive to cheap. Actually the best ones we used were hand-made by my aunt. They were cotton sheets cut in squares with stitching at the seams. However…

Miracle Blankets are much easier Miracle Blanket – Green with Beige Trim Swaddle Blanket – we had 6 of these and 2 of the halo sacks. We used the receiving blankets for the first week but then it just got out of hand. Bob found it easier right away to use the miracle blankets so we immediately switched. However that said we did rotate through the halo sacks and the miracle blankets when the girls figure out how to get out of them at 3 months. Regarding the miracle blankets be sure to get the green ones not the organic labeled ones or pink ones. I don’t know why but the green ones feel softer – I have all the colors and I ordered more green ones afterwards as the other ones were thicker and not as big.

8. Diapers – Disposable or Reuseable -that is the question. This depends on you. I used disposable. Pampers Swaddlers Preemie New Baby Diapers 20 ea
Start off with a few as you may decide to change. I had heard the pampers brand was better for girls and huggies for boys. Huggies didn’t work for us but may work for you.
Reusable – A good friend of mine who has twins and then had another put all kids in reusable GroVia Hybrid Snap Shell Diaper, Cloud, One Size

She LOVED them… easy to wash, took a while to dry, no complicated folding, easy to put on baby, long-lasting (especially the snap ones). She did try a couple different kind (bumgenious, g-diapers, …) GroVia were definitely the best and having only one kind was definitely the easiest. She did use them right from birth (B – 7lb 14oz and C – 5lb 12oz). She did switch to disposable when traveling from Philadelphia to Seattle but had no problem switching back to GroVia once settled (~2 mo old). Her third child used them from birth (8lb 10oz). You will need these as well: GroViaStay 2 Count Dry Soaker Pad

It’s one of the more expensive options. But it’s all organic and you need way less covers than whole diapers since you can change out the soaker and use the same cover when it’s not completely soaked or pooped on. She doesn’t remember the size of her “stash” for 2 infants. Really, it depends on how often you do laundry. I did it every-other-day with 2 and pretty much everyday with 3. You can also find seconds (these are the returns and factory seconds) from various places online – not Amazon.
Another convenient thing about this method was the ability to use the disposable inserts (that’s why it’s call a “hybrid”). She tended to have some on hand – they hold a lot more pee than the soakers, so sometimes she used them at night and definitely when traveling for a day or two.

9. Diaper Bag – Petunia Pickle Bottom Boxy Backpack Convertible Diaper Bag, Frolicking in Fez

I LOVED MINE and gave mine up at 3 years of age and it was still in good condition. I did not buy the double size (twin) bag just the regular one for singletons. I took this bag everywhere. It has straps to wear it as a backpack or sling.I only used it as a backpack because it allowed me to have both my hands free, and with twins having both hands and arms free is key. It’s waterproof, stylish, has a pad that folds out so you can change diapers on the floor (because a floor is cleaner than the diaper change tables in airports), it carries everything I needed from infant stage to 3 years of age.

10. Bouncy Chairs – Fisher-Price My Little Lamb Deluxe Infant Seat

Bouncy Chairs are lifesavers. We had 6. Up until 3.5 months we had the girls in their bouncy chairs in their crib. (See photo gallery) They slept in the chairs in their cribs for naps and for bedtime. The chair elevates the babies which helps them digest their food, keeps their GI tract moving, and there is less chance of SIDs. It also gives you a peace of mind if you didn’t get the burps out after feeding. They sleep really well and longer in them. The other chairs were used to put the girls in for feeding, playing and keeping them safe and contained while I either went to the bathroom, cook dinner, ate something or answered the door. The toys that go on the bar help them at 2.5 months with their fine motor skills. We didn’t put the toys on until 2 months old and they didn’t go the ones in the cribs.

11. Red Light Flashlights – RED Mini Glow Flashligh

We have two but would love to have more. When you do night feedings or when you’re putting the kids down we use the red-light flashlights instead of turning on regular white lights. Our doula trained us on this. The red light doesn’t wake them up as the white light does. It allows you to see when feeding, change diapers or just checking on them without waking them up. We strategically place the flashlights with the black part down – one at the entrance of the nursery and one at the diaper changing area and we move one to the feeding station (glider) when we feed at night.

10. Swings Fisher-Price Cradle ‘N Swing, My Little Snugabunny

We had two and picked them up from another EMOM. You want the swing that goes both ways = sideways/horizontally, and length wise because at 2am you will need to try a variety of ways and some babies like one way and one likes the other.

11.Thermometer – Best – FeverWatch Professional Clinical Non-contact Infrared Thermometer – Forehead

The reason why is when your baby, or toddler is sleeping you don’t have to wake them up. Yes it really works to the exact temperature you’d do if you took it under the arm, in the butt, under the tongue. Save yourself and get this first.

If you do decide not to breastfeed – which is OKAY. I did not breastfeed due to various reasons. We used Similac Sensitive. I found the cheapest place to get it was Costco. But it is totally your call.

And of course – Luvies! Angel Dear Blankie, Pink Lamb

We have 3 pink and 3 white. 1 in use, 1 in wash and 1 just in case 🙂 Lovies are a soft cloth they get use to so when they start sleeping alone they have something to cuddle. You don’t really need these quite at day 1.

There are more items but this would be my initial list. I also had in my medicine cabinet – infant Tylenol just in case – however I have a pediatrician that answers their phone at night and verified what I should do when my baby had a temp of 104.
Everyone has their own opinion for pacifiers. We had them and if you do buy them be sure to buy the non pink ones because you can’t see them in the dark. We liked Philips AVENT Soothie Pacifier, 0-3 Months, 2-Pack, Pink/Purple
We had no problem giving them up – they were only used at bedtime and nap time.

Oxo Clean Bursts – A friend of mine put me on to these. Saves you time from spraying every piece of clothing. Just throw one in yes the plastic is fine it disintegrates. This is amazing when they spit up all over your clothes and theirs as well as any other stains.

And last but not least – 200 Thank you cards!

Hope this helps.

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