Great Date Night Restaurant – RioneXIII

rionexiiiDate nights are always logistical when you have kids, work, and other extraneous factors such as exhaustion that have a tendency to get in your way of having an excellent date night. It’s hard to find gems – great food, excellent service and yummy cocktails. Rione XIII located in Capital Hill, Seattle will not disappoint. I’ve eaten at this restaurant probably 10 times in the last 9 months. Be sure to make a reservation at least a week in advance if you want a table otherwise enjoy dining at the bar. When I was last there – 2 weeks ago the asparagus salad (using fresh ingredients) was mouth-watering. I’ve had the Carciofi alla Giudia (see their dinner menu) which is fried artichoke is a hit and miss. Two out of three times I’ve had it was amazing and I don’t even like artichokes. Unfortunately the last time it was a bit chalky. Normally I order a special, which usually is a fish dish. My first time at Rione XIII I had grilled Branzino – European Sea Bass which was delicious. Rione XIII is known for their pasta and I have only eaten four of them on the pasta menu. Did I tell you that I love food. I search out the best of everything. Also for those of you that are like me and order way too much food, their food does carry out well and reheats for leftovers the next day.

Parking can be tricky but I always find parking on side streets, behind the restaurant. Rione XIII is also a great place to go and meet up with a friend too.


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