splash_06Hallmark Realty is the first service I’m listing as an excellent source. Selling and buying homes or businesses can be very emotional and draining but Doug Davis at Hallmark Realty makes it a breeze. Not only did Doug sell my business – Barkz (3 years ago) but my experience with him was outstanding. There was no pushing, drama or horror stories. The process was simple and straight forward. Since it’s that time of year for people to be moving – the flowers in Kirkland/Seattle area are blooming, the sun is out and closing dates work for the September 2014 school year, listing Hallmark Realty as a source is timely. Recently a friend of mine took my suggestion to chat with Doug regarding his second home in Kirkland. Within 10 days he had 9 offers, 3 offers were 10% above the asking price, it sold 15% above asking price. In the past two weeks Doug has also given me sound advice for another property that I owned. Unfortunately I couldn’t list it with him because its out of country, but within 7 days it sold and received a percentage above asking price.

Doug lives in Kirkland and has been working with Hallmark since 1973. He is both past president of the Kirkland Downtown Association and the Chamber of Commerce. He continues to serve both boards as a member. He is a vibrant member of the Kirkland Community and you’ll see him at all the downtown events volunteering because he is passionate about the community and the people in it. A great person to help you buy or sell property.

Doug Davis
Hallmark Realty Corporation
425-822-1241 Office
800-398-1241 Toll-Free

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  1. I used Doug on Paula’s recommendation and am very happy with his service. He spent a lot of time with me discussing the possibilities for my home – including turning it into a rental which would have meant no listing for him! I didn’t feel like he was pushing me into anything so he could get the listing and make his commission. He was very calm and answered all my questions thoroughly and patiently. He also took care of arranging many of the things that needed to be done on the house like a pre-sale inspection (so we don’t have an surprises) and getting a handyman out to make some repairs. Even when it came to evaluate offers, he offered his advice on on the intangibles beyond the highest price. I honestly feel like he worked hard to make sure my house-selling process was as smooth as possible,


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