A list for the expectant mom of Twins (Prep, Post, 0-12mths)

So you’re having twins – Congratulations and hold on for the ride. Listed below is an equipment list – one that is not full of frills. My twins were my first children and my last and even though I dreamt of all the cute items I’d put them in, all the stencil, artwork and toys I’d fill their room – the first 3 months is all about survival. Actually what am I saying the first year is about survival, the second year is about patience and the third well I’m half way through and it’s a blast. In a later post I’ll put the logistics of feeding, sleeping etc. Just a FYI if you’re an expectant mom with one baby this list will also help, just reduce the quantity. I organized it by sections: Prep, Furniture, Transport, Diapers, Clothes, Bath, Breast feeding, Formula feeding, Sleeping, Post Pregnancy for mom, Starting Solids, Toys, and Other. I have put Amazon, Nordstrom and other links for you to visually see them or put them on your baby shower registry. If you’re a twin mom and gone through the first year and you think I’ve forgotten anything useful (no fluff or frills) please let me know.

I’d like to thank my twin mom friends who assisted in this list. I started with 100 items and now it’s up to 186 items. You guys rock!

(Note: There are 9 pages due to visual appeal using Scribd. If you need to see the list larger be sure to click on the magnifying glass with the +.)


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