Swimmers, Tangles, Birds Nest and Curls – Children’s Hair issues

Since June, we’ve been swimming every other day in chlorinated water. The girl’s hair became brittle and dry. Add that with one that has straight hair that becomes a birds nest when it’s dry and the other who has a plethora of curls, both lead to immense amount of screaming while brushing hair.

I found these three products that work extremely well and wanted to pass them on to fellow brushers.
1. For the swimmers: Circle of Friends George’s Swimmers’ Tearless Shampoo If you visit University Village in Seattle you can pick up a bottle at The Salon at Kids Club and it’s $3 cheaper than Amazon. The dry brittle hair became healthy once more even though we’re still swimming every other day.

2. For the tangled: this is an exceptional product. After washing their hair with the above product, I spray the detangler on their hair (it’s a leave in product), towel dry and then brush. No screams and the brush glides right through the thickest of hair. This product keeps their hair relatively detangled for a few days.
Galvin & Galvin Kids Organic Dubble Trubble Detangling Conditioner Spray Cool Cucumber 5.1 Oz
I found this product at Target for $4.99 versus Amazon at $19.99.

3. For the curls and the birds nest: this product makes the girl’s hair soft and shows off their curls. Even though it says it’s for curls, I put it on the birds nest hair and it works wonders (we haven’t had a bird’s nest hairdo since we started using it).
Curls Ring Around the Curlies Leave-in Creme – 4 Oz
Again this product is more expensive on Amazon $16 versus $13 at the Kids Salon in University Village.

Hope you get a bit more peace in your house today!


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