Winter Gear for Kids – obermeyer I Grow

If you haven’t purchased your winter gear for your kids yet – be sure to check out obermeyer – I Grow Extended Wear System

Skiing at 2 (rolled ski pants)

Skiing at 2 (rolled ski pants)

I purchased two outfits (2 snow pants and 2 jackets) when my girls had just turned two in 2011. I was heading back to Toronto, Canada to the deep freeze for Christmas. The size I purchased was a size 3 at REI. At first I had sticker shock – approximately $150 for the jacket and $100 for the pants – times two! However the suits have been well used (skiing, playing in the snow, skating, venturing out in frigid temps etc.) and just now I’m letting out the sleeves and letting down the pants for one suit. The other suit still fits the other 4-year-old twin, thus I’ll get even more time with the suit. Letting out the jackets and pants are extremely easy. In my case because the suit is pink and purple, obermeyer used red thread to let me know where to pull out the thread. Another bonus – the pants have two places to let down the length – the straps and the legs. This matters if your child has long legs but a short torso or vice versa. The sleeves in the jacket also had red thread versus the pink thread (no touch) for the jacket stitching. In addition these suits wash well. I have lost count the number of times I’ve washed these suits due to a shocking amount of hot chocolate and ketchup spills. Simply wash in cold water and line dry (no shrinkage).

Skiing at 3 (size 3)

Skiing at 3 (same suit)

I highly recommend this brand. Last year after realizing the girls were getting snow in their mitts from another brand and I was getting frustrated trying to get their mitts on correctly, I purchased obermeyer thumbs up mittens They open right up with velcro so little kids hands can slide in and you can easily and quickly close them. They are also water proof so no matter how many times they roll in snow, make snow people, eat snow etc. they stay dry. Oh and they have the nose wipe system too!

Enjoy the snow!


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