Educational iPad games/apps; keeping kids busy while …

Educational iPad games/apps keep my kids busy while I prep for dinner. They learn something while eating veggies and I get 30 minutes to make dinner, clean up and gear up for the dinner fiascos and the after dinner routine.

When my girls were 2.5 years of age I caved, and started giving them screen time on their iPads (I do have two iPads). However I only give it to them at 4:30/4:45pm pm in the afternoon, otherwise known as the ‘witching hour’. At the same time I also give them their vegetables – carrots, cucumbers, snap peas, green beans, red peppers, frozen peas in a dish, so while they are playing they can easily grab a veggie. Dinner is at 5:15pm and my weekday meals must only take 15 minutes to create. I do have a meal plan for each day which I do create on Sundays (I’ll write a post about that another time).

Parent Map had a great article a few years back listing some good educational apps– however most were for children older than 2.5 years. But they did list a great site to find educational games for all ages.

Example of
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The apps are reviewed by educators and then given a mark out of ten. The apps with 9/10 are the ones I download. I also notice, that some games are listed for older kids but I still download them if I think my kids can handle the challenge. However, if your child is getting frustrated with the game, be sure to sit with them and see if they can do it or if it’s out of their skill level. I do rotate games in and out and if I introduce a new one – I do sit down with them for a few minutes and be sure they understand the requirements. (I also turn on restrictions on my iPad settings so they can’t open the internet and purchase more apps).

Here is my list of iPad games/apps that help with mathematics, science, writing, reading, music, health, history and the world we live in. I’ve listed them at the time of introduction. Most of the apps that are listed under 3 years of age are for children ages 3-5 years old.

2.5 years of age
A to Z Music Videos from by Age of Learning
Awesome Xylophone by Tharts
I Hear Ewe – Animal Sounds for Toddlers by Claireware Software
Interactive Alphabet ABC’s by Piikea St.
Monkey Preschool Lunchbox by THUP Games
Peekaboo Pets by Kid Baby Toddler Ltd.
Peekaboo Barn by Night & Day Studios
Play Lab
Stop & Go by Shortstack
Toddle Puzzle Shapes by Technolio
Wheels on the Bus by Duck Duck Moose

3 years of age and older
tryIconLeo’s Pad by Kidaptive (This is for older kids but my girls love this. At 4 they are still learning various items from this game)
Gazzili Science by GazziliWorld (love this one – wish there were more)
Petersons Inventions by Filimundus – this is a fabulous game for the Engineer. The girls did get stuck at first a bit but I would say “try two things” and then I’d help. We did a couple together and then they caught on. Now they can outsmart me!
Kids Learn Spanish with busuu by Busuu Limited
Paper by Fifty Three
Doc McStuffins: Time For Your Check Up by Disney
Doc McStuffins: Moving with Doc by Disney
Abby Monkey Preschool and Kindergarten by CFC
Preschool Colors Toys Train Kids by 22Learn

3.5 years of age and older – Early Learning Academy by Age of Learning
LetterSchoollearn to write letters and numbers by Sanoma Media
iWriteWords by gdiplus
iTrace by iTrace
Super Why ABC Adventures by PBS Kids
AbbyPhonics: Kindergarten Reading by 22learn
BrainPop Jr. by BrainPop – This app is for older kids. However they have videos that teach the kids about various things from President’s day, vegetables vs cookies, voting to smoking. It helps start conversations and it helps you as a parent address the issues you see with your kids. For example before they watched the smoking/addiction video they were asking me why was smoke coming out of that person’s mouth, what was the pipe they were holding? These videos are 3 minutes in length, there is a robot named Mobi who does things wrong or tries things out and the girl in the video ‘educates’ Mobi. During our dinner we discuss what they have learned that day from BrainPop. I do limit this game to two videos a day…I can only handle 4 new topics to discuss at dinner. When I toured a school recently I did see them using this in grade 1. My girls don’t do the activities yet just the videos.
Motion Math: Hungry Fish by Motion Math
Motion Math: Hungry Guppy by Motion Math
Toy Store Delivery Truck by MindSmack
Moofy Recognizing Pattern by PlaySmart
Counting Caterpillar by Bellamon
Peg + Cat Big Gig by PBS Kids
Meet the Orchestra by Vide Infra Group
DoReMi 123: Music for Kids by Creativity
Animal Orchestra For Kids by Devmiles

4 years of age and older
The Word Monsters: Learn to Read by Mindconnex learning
Seasons and Weather! by Tribal Nova
Animals! Life science by Tribal Nova
Ansel & Clair’s Adventures in Africa by Fingerpring
Dragon Shapes -Lumio Geometry Challenge by Lighthouse Learning
Numbers and Counting – Teacher Tilly by Shoto
The MathTree by Bellamon
Jungle Time: learn how to tell time by Andrew Short
Measurement by Emantras
Toca Builders by Toca Boca AB
Sound Recall by Javelin Sdn Bhd
Mathcubes: Addition & Subtraction for kids by Apps4Needs (I have just introduced this one)

Feel free to drop me a line and let me know your favorites as I’m always looking for new educational apps to add.


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