Kids camps!

Fantastic Summer Camps in Seattle!

The girls were in camps most of the summer. I put them in the morning sessions so we could hWP_20150829_14_35_30_Proead to the beach, park or just hang out in the afternoons.

(I couldn’t source camps in Seattle until my kids actually went to them.)

Here is our list for 4.5 year olds:

Best to Worst

  1. Aerospace Camp – Museum of Flight (the girls loved the songs, the water rockets, learning about planets and more) There isn’t much around the museum for parents while the kids are in camp, but they do have free WiFi and if you’re okay with driving 20 minutes – the largest Costco and Southcenter are close by.
  2. Seattle Children’s Theatre – Treasure Trunk (worth the drive to the Seattle Center. The Armory has great bagels, coffee and free WiFi for parents while you wait)
  3. Elizabeth’s Dance Dimensions – Frozen Dance Camp (need I say more?)
  4. Mummy Camp – I was beat out by Aerospace Camp. This is a week in which we only do things with Mummy – Ferris wheels, aquariums, carousels, lunches out etc.
  5. Tennis Camp- This was at the Pro Club in Bellevue. Even though it was only one hour in duration – it was just enough to get the kids into tennis.
  6. Bellevue Studio – Art Camp! This is an amazing program. The enclosed pictures were completely done WP_20150829_14_35_15_Proby the girls. They start them off with three separate sections i.e. for the flower – draw a circle and a straight line. Then draw circles around the big circle, then draw a line for the grass. Shade and smooth. If I was taught this way I may have drawn more than triangular mountains and V shaped birds!
  7. Engineering For Kids this was disappointing because the description in the handbook says they’re outside and building bridges and towers.
  8. Pedal Heads Many of my friends loved this camp but we did not have the best experience during the camp session. However the manager did give us 2 free private lessons, which were excellent. Only one of my twins enjoys biking, the other prefers kayaking.

Good luck with the Back to School rush!

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