My great team

My team

PSOURZE (Paula’s sources) is a site that sources exceptional products and services for the busy parent with kids or dogs. As a mom of 3 year old twin girls, I have had to focus on efficiencies, cost, quality, and practicality. With no family nearby, I had to create my own support system, which meant figuring out how to make things work when it’s a ratio of 1:2…1:3 if you include the dog! Let’s just say I’ve been putting my master’s in education and my MBA to good use.

For kids – My twins and I traveled internationally from the time they were two weeks old. In tourist areas, restaurants, parks and gyms, we are constantly asked about the products that we use. I source the highest quality products and services for my family and friends, and this site is my way of sharing those sources with you. Whether you have one child or many, these products and services are here to make your life easier.

For dogs – These days, the dog products I buy are all for our seven-year-old lab, Reef – but my experience sourcing exceptional products began when I founded Barkz the dog stop, a store in Kirkland, WA. During my 3 years of operating Barkz, I sourced thousands of products from small, medium and large businesses around the globe. Our competitors used to shop the store to discover our sources. If you buy – Most of the products you’ll find here can be purchased on Amazon.com. If you use the link I provide, I receive a small percentage of the sale – so thank you! For other sites, please let them know that you heard about them from me. And please let me know what you think of your purchases! Leave a comment on the original post, or send me an email.
And please follow psourze.com. Enjoy!



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