Amazing! Starbucks Reserve & Princi – The Seattle Roastery.

So good!

I love pastries! My favorite hobby is sourcing pastries. For a number of years my favorite pastry shop in Seattle was Crumble and Flake. Today, they have slid down to number 5. But I’m not writing to tell you about their fall, I’m writing to tell you about Starbucks Reserve & Princi at the Seattle Roastery on Pike St. If you haven’t been there – it’s definitely a place to go. Not only for the various tastings of their higher grade coffee, or their modern wood decor but for their pastries and breads!


Prosciutto & Cheese Croissant!

I ordered a prosciutto and cheese croissant to eat while I was taking in the ambiance of the Roastery (I think the prosciutto is from Rainshadow Meats – which is another great meat source for steaks and shaved ham). The pastry was served on a wooden tray which connects to the modern wood design of the place. As you can see from the featured picture – it was devoured. I also ordered a chocolate croissant and a loaf of multi-grain bread to take home. When the  twins came home from school they completed a taste test of chocolate croissants from Princi, Crumble and Flake and Bakery Nouveau. The winner…Princi! Note: Bakery Nouveau still wins its category for double baked almond croissants!


Top left – Princi, Top Right – Crumble & Flake, Bottom: Bakery Nouveau

Today, I toasted the multi-grain bread for breakfast with homemade peanut butter and then made chicken salad sandwiches for lunch. Even though the bread was dense it was delightful with it’s respective combinations. Now on to the coffee.

I am not a regular Starbucks connoisseur. I prefer the local coffee shops – Cafe Rococo , Diva Expresso,  Caffe Vita, Expressovivace. While I was at the Roastery, I had a non-fat latte. But it wasn’t with their regular blend they offer in their regular Starbucks. Unfortunately, I didn’t pay a attention to which exact reserve blend it was but I think it was their Guatemalan blend. The latte was AMAZING! I didn’t need to add sugar or anything else.

If you have in visitors, or need a spot for a breakfast meeting, a coffee date or just want to learn more about coffee – be sure to visit The Seattle Roastery you won’t be disappointed.


Brioche – interior completely filled with custard!


As the holidays quickly approach, hostess and teacher gifts come to mind. Instead of giving scented candles, or wine try these amazing artisan pickles The fresh dill pickles and green beans are fantastic. Not into pickles?

This strawberry freezer jam is outstanding home_cta_freezerves . We recently stayed at Sun Mountain Lodge and were served this yummy jam with toast. After one bite, I lathered my half piece of toast with this jam and asked for more. I do make jam, but not in these flavors. The staff at Sun Mountain Lodge nicely told me their jam secret. So, I bought a case! The jams can be thaw and then be refrozen, thus you’re able to bring them to a holiday party. These items are great for teacher, boss, colleague gifts.

Enjoy!  you won’t be disappointed.


*Update: if you buy 4 jars of pickles online = FREE shipping. Otherwise if you can find them via the store locator on their site.

Wardrobe Change…Personal Shopper

Need a fabulous personal shopper/stylist contact Cheryl O’Connor!  Cheryl Anne Styling

After 6 years of a variety of jobs – owner of Barkz where I wore a Barkz shirt, jeans, and running shoes, to pregnant mom of twins – XXL t-shirt and lululemon yoga pants, to a new mom – t-shirt with puke on the shoulder and sweatpants to a stay at home mom who wore Banana Republic long sleeve black shirts, Hudson Jeans (because you can fit so many things in your butt pockets, and the black shirt didn’t show stains) and running shoes, to now… a job in a professional business setting – I needed help.

A friend of mine gave me Cheryl’s contact information and she has been fabulous. She came and looked at my closet of jeans, the odd nice shirt for date nights and said “I’ll meet you at Nordstrom on Tuesday!” I gave her a budget, and on the Tuesday I walked in, was escorted to a dressing room and shown a variety of outfits. I walked out with an entirely new wardrobe. Cheryl, not only listens to what you need, chooses clothes that fit your body type, colors that suit, undergarments that make everything look smooth and sleek and of course helps you match shoes to your new wardrobe.

She saved me money. I didn’t spend hours looking through racks trying to find my size, questioning myself on the new styles, figuring out what would match with what and I didn’t have to go back and spend time returning items that didn’t fit. However I do love Nordstrom for that fact – that you can return something even after a year.

If you’re in need of a wardrobe lift for the new season, contact Cheryl!

Gardening? Try planting only edibles.

1431552893885 Two years ago I read an article that stated if your kids help you plant seeds, watch a vegetable grow then they’ll eat the vegetables. Issue #1 when we planted the carrot seeds – nothing appeared. Issue #2 I had no idea how, what and where to plant things. Issue #3 when something did grow, it was infested with bugs. At that point I brought in the professionals – Seattle Urban Farm Company

WP_20150514_16_33_07_ProThey built a 2’x14′ planter out the front with a cold frame for winter planting, changed the soil in the back vegetable patch, planted seedlings, fertilized and maintained the vegetable gardens. At the same time they educated me in urban gardening. I learned what to plant, how to plant and when to harvest. For example, how to thin out carrots, where to place your tomatoes so you don’t shadow your other vegetable plants, top your snap peas, and how to deal with the bugs and crows! I can’t say enough great  things about this company. Throughout this past winter – I never needed to buy broccoli or kale because I could harvest it from December until March. I’m also growing garlic and it will be harvested in July  (I’ll have enough until Christmas)! As soon as Spring arrived here in Seattle – the urban farmer was out – planting snap peas, bok choy, new broccoli, kale, carrots, beets, potatoes, spinach, lettuce and cabbage. Recently the tomatoes went in. The company has a variety of maintenance and assistance programs. If you’re in the Seattle area I highly recommend you call for an estimate. If you’re out of the area – they have written a fabulous book Food Grown Right in Your Backyard
It’s very informative and easy to digest. After reading it, I was able to decrease the maintenance plan and harvest the vegetables timely and correctly to encourage new growth to have a second and third harvest of that plant.

Last spring, I tried planting only edible plants, since my girls eat us out of fruit within a day of buying it. It was a success! I was able to use all of my herbs throughout the year and my blueberries and strawberries all came back. I had my first strawberry harvest today. If you’re in the USA,  Dutch Gardens has a fabulous online catalog and offers unique fruit planting. I have strawberries that are designed for hanging baskets and blueberries for pots. They do have a variety of other perennials which you won’t find at your local nursery. A secret with Basil – put it indoors in a glass of water and it will grow throughout the year. You can have fresh basil all year round.

Another little secret is copper Slug and Snail Tape.
You can also use copper pennies (Canadians can use the old penny) throughout your pots, but the tape is great if you have a large box.

The slug tape stuck to the vegetable box.

The slug tape stuck to the vegetable box.

Happy gardening.

Seahawks teach kids perseverance

WP_20150124_10_34_25_ProAs a transplant from Toronto to Seattle, rooting for an NFL team – let alone standing in line for 12th man and Richard Sherman t-shirts last year prior to the Super Bowl – was not something I would normally do. I’m not sure if I’ve watched more than two Super Bowls in my life. But last year when the Seahawks headed to the Super Bowl all the transplants and all the natives of Seattle bonded together over this team. The Space Needle, Microsoft buildings, banks, high rises, construction cranes, bridges, boats on the lake etc. all displayed the Seahawks colors. It was an amazing sight of connectivity. I decided then that this is a team I needed to watch and to cheer for. Even more so when I see Russell Wilson volunteer his time to Seattle Children’s Hospital for kids struggling with cancer, and Richard Sherman visit children with physical disabilities. This is a unique team. A team like the Seahawks doesn’t come by very often. Pete Carroll must have read “Good to Great: Why Some Companies Make The Leap..And Others Don’t” by Jim Collins because he built an amazing team which has created a city full of committed fans, the 12’s.

Last year my twin girls who were three wanted to watch the Super Bowl. I figured why not? They’d probably watch for a few minutes and then wander off. That didn’t happen. The girls were by my side the entire game. They are big fans of the Seahawks especially Richard Sherman. To this day they ask if Sherman is okay because in last year’s Super Bowl he hurt his ankle. All year they kept telling everyone “We watched the game but Sherman hurt his ankle… but he’s okay now”. For three year olds to remember this incident all year – he definitely left an impression.
In the famous January 11, 2015 NFC championship game – Seahawks versus the Packers (the girls again glued to the game) learned a very valuable lesson: perseverance. We’ve had some issues with the girls stopping an activity when it gets difficult for them or if they get frustrated. Well – now when it happens we say – did the Seahawks give up when they were losing? They say no and continue to try, and persevere through the activity. Perseverance is a tough concept to teach to young kids but that game did it. I highly recommend that all kids and parents watch the game for a good lesson in perseverance. THANK YOU SEATTLE SEAHAWKS for showing all of us to believe in ourselves, in one’s team and not to give up when the stakes are down.

This East coast Canadian girl now has a Seahawks flag, Seahawks decal on her car, Seahawks napkins, and new Seahawks shirts for this Sunday’s Super Bowl XLIX.

Swimmers, Tangles, Birds Nest and Curls – Children’s Hair issues

Since June, we’ve been swimming every other day in chlorinated water. The girl’s hair became brittle and dry. Add that with one that has straight hair that becomes a birds nest when it’s dry and the other who has a plethora of curls, both lead to immense amount of screaming while brushing hair.

I found these three products that work extremely well and wanted to pass them on to fellow brushers.
1. For the swimmers: Circle of Friends George’s Swimmers’ Tearless Shampoo If you visit University Village in Seattle you can pick up a bottle at The Salon at Kids Club and it’s $3 cheaper than Amazon. The dry brittle hair became healthy once more even though we’re still swimming every other day.

2. For the tangled: this is an exceptional product. After washing their hair with the above product, I spray the detangler on their hair (it’s a leave in product), towel dry and then brush. No screams and the brush glides right through the thickest of hair. This product keeps their hair relatively detangled for a few days.
Galvin & Galvin Kids Organic Dubble Trubble Detangling Conditioner Spray Cool Cucumber 5.1 Oz
I found this product at Target for $4.99 versus Amazon at $19.99.

3. For the curls and the birds nest: this product makes the girl’s hair soft and shows off their curls. Even though it says it’s for curls, I put it on the birds nest hair and it works wonders (we haven’t had a bird’s nest hairdo since we started using it).
Curls Ring Around the Curlies Leave-in Creme – 4 Oz
Again this product is more expensive on Amazon $16 versus $13 at the Kids Salon in University Village.

Hope you get a bit more peace in your house today!


Visiting Pike’s Place – Place Pigalle is a must!

place_pigalle_logoTRPlace Pigalle is a fabulous restaurant. Scrumptious food, spectacular views of Puget Sound and history to take in (seedy watering hole in 1909). If you’re downtown Seattle, close to Pike’s Place Market or at the Market be sure to stop in and have lunch or dinner at this restaurant. Place Pigalle is one of my favorites and my family’s favorites. When my father visits he insists we all go (including the twins) and have lunch – beet salad, crab cakes, scallops and of course white wine! The crab cakes are the best I’ve tasted in Seattle. Note: they are known for the exceptional seafood dishes sourced locally and served by friendly staff. This restaurant is great for a date night, lunch with the in-laws, girls’ luncheon or a business meeting.

It’s a bit tricky to find– it’s on the edge of the Market. You need to go to the big brass pig, under the famous Pike’s Place Market Sign where the fishmongers throw the fish (as seen in the movie Splash! And Sleepless in Seattle), venture left and travel between the butcher and the fishmonger and you’ll see a fluorescent sign and the view. There are a few steps down to the entrance so strollers can be left up behind the fishmonger.

Parks – a list, and the ‘how to with twins’ from 0-5yrs

Click here to just view the park list for 0-5 years is listed at the bottom of this page

As the weather gets nicer we venture forth to parks and beaches. But there tends to be some anxiety for twin parents of “How do I do this?” Wherever you go with twins you need to think logistics and efficiency especially if you’re 2:1. swing 2

Step 1: Breathe

Step 2: Realize that the first 2-3 times you may end up in tears of frustration. You are not alone, we all go through it. But if you can look at these trials as ‘not stops and never do it agains’ but as learning experiences of what to change the next time, then you’ll be okay, AND it all changes every 3 months of growth anyway so just stock up on Kleenex.

Step 3: As soon as you’re cleared for exercise by your doctor, try to get out and walk with your multiples, even if it’s raining. Invest in some rain gear for you and your strollers.

Step 4: Take small steps – determine how much time you have between feedings, diaper changes and naps. For example if I was going to Greenlake (from Kirkland – 15 min drive) to walk around the lake with the girls, I had everything packed in the car ready to go before I woke them for their 9am feeding (be sure to include snacks for yourself). I woke the babies at 9am, diaper changed, fed them both at the same time, burped them and was in the car by 9:40am driving to Greenlake. I would be at Greenlake by 10 am, walking by 10:05am. Most of the time they  would fall asleep on the way over but if they didn’t they’d fall asleep while I was walking. I knew I had 1 hour to walk around that lake, get back in the car and get them home by 12 to feed them again. (I had one girl who would projectile vomit and had feeding issues so I didn’t want to feed anywhere but home. However I did take extra bottles and I did have music blaring when I was late. There was plenty of times when I was crying on the 520 Hwy with screaming kids listening to their favorite Howdown music by Miley Cyrus (not sure why they liked that one). But I did it anyway because that 1 hour walk was gold.

I would only do one ‘outing’ a day i.e. meet someone at Greenlake, go to the dentist, or to the store, AND I would only do that in the morning – the 9am time slot. My afternoon activity was a walk at the 4pm Witching Hour in which I would walk to nearby parks or just walk around my neighborhood (Yes I did walk twice a day, it was the only way I kept sane).  *It is important for you and your babies to get outside and breathe in some fresh air. You will find that the babies will sleep better and your stress level will decrease, a small bit. In addition, first try walking on your own with your babies and then when you have your schedule and your logistics down, then ask another multiple mom to walk with you. Multiple moms will most likely be on the same schedule and they will totally understand if you bail at the last minute.

Park logistics:
As soon as my twin girls could hold their own head up I went to the local parks and put them in the swings. I figured if they liked the stationary swing they’d love the outdoor one with things to look at.  If you go to a big park and you see that strollers are left at the side or on pathways – just bring your stroller right up to the swings (you have multiples and if you get stares – just shrug and say the magic word – twins). This also enables you not to  turn your back on one baby (heightening your anxiety) and you will have easy access to your stroller aka ‘safety net’. To save pushing – place both babies in the swing. See photo above. Stuff a blanket in between them so they don’t knock heads. Also it’s a good idea in Seattle to bring a small towel to wipe off the swing if it’s just rained.

Crawling up the stairs at Waverly. Age 1 yr 3 mths.

Crawling up the stairs at Waverly. Age 1 yr 3 mths.

As soon as they are crawling continue to go to the parks. Either keep one in the stroller or keep one in the swing (so they are occupied). Allow each child to explore the park on their own terms. Yes you’ll have to keep an eye out for the one in the swing, go back and forth to keep swinging the swing (Note the park will never be a time to actually talk to other parents. If you go with a multiple mom/dad they will understand). Also this is a great opportunity for your twins to learn ‘not to eat sand’ because it tastes bad. If your crawler meets with the sand box and tries sand – this is an experience that you’ll have to embrace. It’s not going to kill them and you might as well get it over with. This goes along with the cedar chips too. We all have different parenting styles – I would allow them to do it once and when they put it in their mouth I said “gross” and made a face. You will have to go through this experience again with the other one or two or three depending on how many multiples you have. Just remember they have to learn sometime.

When they are walking it gets a bit scary because they both go in different directions. Safety does become an issue. Try to encourage one direction by creating energy and fun, to entice the one going in the other direction it’s more of a party over here.  i.e. “Wow look what your sister found. It”s a … ” Use your most exciting voice. You can also start working on safety rules right at 9 months, then they have an idea of the tone of your voice when safety is an issue (you can play red light and green light when they’re crawling) . My philosophy is if an action really won’t hurt them that much i.e. no broken bones or head injuries but delivers a scraped knee or a scare – i.e. falling through one of the spider web ropes it’s probably a good learning experience. However I do freak out when they’re too close to an edge and may fall off. I just look at the situation. I was fortunate that I would be able to say to both girls “Please wait that is a tough climb or that’s a big girl activity and wait for me to have your back.” Till this day, if the girls feel like they are embarking on something tough – they’ll just say “Mummy can you have my back.” I don’t actually do anything but I just stand at their backs.

The List of Parks in Seattle Area: (including Bellevue, Bothell, Issaquah, Kirkland, Redmond, Sammamish, Woodinville)

Crawling Parks – any open field. Put a blanket down as your base, then have pylons or toys they could crawl too.  You can also set up an obstacle course.
Squak Valley Park – Issaquah
Heritage Park – Kirkland
Juanita Park – Kirkland (The summer concert series is great fun but bring an umbrella for shade.)
Grass Lawn Park – Redmond
Greenlake – Seattle
Cottage Lake Park – Woodinville

Toddler Parks: fenced in with closing gates and no dogs allowed
Turtle Park or Tot Lot Park Kirkland
Phyliss-A-Needy-Park Kirkland

Toddler Parks: Fenced in but with open spaces for entry/exit

Saint Edwards State Park (Bothell) – A fantastic play area – it’s a castle. Within the Castle there is a tot-lot area with a fence but no gate at the entrance – see photo.

Fenced but no gate

Saint Edwards Park -Fenced but no gate

North Rosehill Woodland Park (Kirkland) – Another amazing wooden castle. Parking is on side roads off 124th and you will have to walk through a path to get to the park. However once inside the ‘castle’ there is another tot lot for smaller children but again there is no gate. It’s fenced and you can sit at the entrance as to not allow stragglers to venture out (same as St. Edwards).

North Rosehill Woodland Park

North Rosehill Woodland Park

McAuliffe Park (Kirkland) – one of the exits faces 116th

Volunteer Park (Seattle) – the play area has a fence around it and it’s adjacent to a field, but has no gate on the entries and exits.

The parks listed above are ones that you can practice and test how your kids will act and how you can cope.

Toddler Parks: non fenced but some distance from roads or hazards

Bainbridge Island
Battle Point Park

Newcastle Beach Park

Toddler Area at Robinson Wood Park

Toddler Area at Robinswood Park

Robinswood Park This is a great park for various ages. It has a toddler area with a wooden fence and the other area is for children who like more challenges. There are fields on both sides, close to the parking lot and a pond to watch ducks. A great picnic area too. (Parking is very close to the play area – off SE 24th St.)

Chism Beach Park
For this park you park in General Parking and then walk down a steep hill. If you have children under the age of 3, I would suggest a stroller because it’s very steep. There is plenty of green space, a small playground right on the beach, and the water is shallow.


Chism Beach Park – great swimming area


Chism Beach Park – play area on beach

There is lifeguard on duty in the summer months. If the weather is cool – this park is cold so bring sweaters. As parents you will need to bring lawn chairs or blankets if you want to sit on the beach as the benches provided are all on the grass area away from the water and play area. The girls had loads of fun here with our friends and we’ll go back when the weather is warmer.


Mercer Island
Luther Burbank Park
This is a fabulous park. Be sure to park in the main entrance close to the play area. There is a short path to the play area and a lovely swim area. The play area has a variety of play structures – zip line, spinners, toddler area – no fence, clean and convenient restrooms, and umbrellas on picnic tables for shade. Note: This park has no shade and when it’s hot the slides become extremely hot. Be sure to bring hats and sunscreen.

Luther Burbank Park Play Area

Luther Burbank Park Play Area

Miners Corner This park is very new, has a great sand area for the kids who love to play sand castles. The base of the play area is the squishy flooring which provides a lot of support and is not slippery when wet.

Miners Corner Park Cushy Flooring and mostly fenced in.

Miners Corner Park Cushy Flooring and mostly fenced in.

Fox Hollow Family Farm – a great toddler petting farm, with a fenced in play area (no gate) and miniature play houses for toddlers. Be sure to bring a stroller that can travel on gravel.

A playhouse enclosed with a fence but no gate at Fox Hollow Farm

A playhouse enclosed with a fence but no gate at Fox Hollow Farm

Squak Valley Park– a short drive from Fox Hollow Farm. A big field and fun play area but it is close to a parking lot.
Cougar Mountain Zoo – very stroller and kid friendly, small enough to practice without a stroller.

Juanita Beach Park– a great way to introduce beach safety
Crestwoods Park – this park also has a great hike for kids. However the hike is not stroller friendly. It’s for toddlers who like a good walk.
Waverly Beach Park

Idylwood Beach Park   – you’ll need a stroller or wagon to carry your beach gear. There is a bit of a walk down to the play area and beach. We love this one!

Farrel-McWhirter Farm Park – there is also a child’s ‘hiking’ trail you can try walking through and the farm animals are always quite fun to watch and interact with.

A toddlers hike at Farrel-McWhirter Farm Park

A toddlers hike at Farrel-McWhirter Farm Park

Marymoor Park – there are 2 playgrounds – one small one which is very isolated from roads (tucked behind the parking lots D and B) and the other one is by the Subway and soccer fields – it’s the first left off West Lake Sammamish Pkwy (Lot K). Be sure to bring $1.00 for parking.

Marymoor Park -by soccer fields

Marymoor Park -by soccer fields

Pine Lake Park
A fantastic park – excellent swim area with three partitions – one for the toddlers, one for the children who can swim but still working on their strokes and then a deep end. When the lifeguards are on duty the children under 13 must pass a swim test. The sandy beach really isn’t great for ‘playing in the sand’ as the water covers most of the sandy beach and the beach is mixed with gravel. The parking lot is somewhat of a distance from the beach so a stroller or a wagon would be a good idea. There are clean bathrooms between the parking lot and the beach. There are also two play structures – one for older children and one for toddlers. The play structures have loads of slides, and unique climbing apparatuses – very different from the ones above. This park is protected by high pine trees so it can be a bit chilly. There are plenty of picnic areas with coverings along with a large basketball court, climbing wall and baseball diamond. Its probably my girls new favorite play structure park. *Note the directions on Nokia Maps and Google Maps list Pine Lake Road as a turning point but it’s SE 24th St. You will see a sign that says Pine Lake Park but it can be hidden by branches.

Alki Beach
– a lovely beach. You can put your kids in the front of a bike and cycle the boardwalk!

Biking with 2 yr olds

Alki Beach Biking with two yr olds


Carkeek Park – there is a slide that is in the form of a large Salmon, trains and a beach!

Lincoln Park – be sure to park close to the big play area, then it’s an easy walk down to the beach.

Play Area at Madison Park

Play Area at Madison Park

Madison Park – This is a fabulous park for 2-12 years of age. There are three segments – a 2-5 year old area, a 5-12 year old, swings for all and a zip line that my girls loved. It also has stone carved animals that kids can climb on, loads of seating for snacks and you can easily cross the street to the beach and swim or cross the other way and enjoy an awesome scone at Madison Kitchen.



Madison Park - at the beachfront

Madison Park – at the beachfront

Wilmot Gateway Park– the park is tucked back to the right of the parking lot. There isn’t much parking right at the park but there is plenty across the street and there is a crosswalk.

Cottage Lake Park – a large play area, ropes course for an older child or adult and an outdoor pool.

I will continue to add more parks as the season goes on as the girls and I test them out. If you have a favorite, please let me know and we’ll try it out and then post.

Enjoy the spring.


Cheeses, Meats at DeLaurenti

What a great morning to shop at DeLaurenti Specialty Food & Wine at Pikes Place Market. The girls love shopping there especially for the cheeses. One of my girls loves the Romano cheese and samples are just not enough. I actually have to ask the server to cut a 1″ piece for her and she just devours it before I’ve even paid for it and then asks for more. (I need to start carrying a knife just so I can cut hard, salty and smelly cheese!) If you enjoy blue cheese try the Cashel Blue it is excellent. However it is not always in the store so call ahead.



My preference is for the prosciutto – Di Parma (12 month), pair that with fresh and ripe Cantaloupe – delicious. I also enjoy the roasted rosemary, herb ham, their greek feta cheese with a homemade beet salad (Boil beets, fry them up in olive oil with garlic, red onion and a touch of Dijon mustard and then crumble the feta cheese on it) or a tomato salad in the summer. Don’t forget to pick up some Castelvetrano Olives too.

(Their salami’s are good especially the spicy ones but we have a hidden gem for the kids. See future posts for that one.)


Great Date Night Restaurant – RioneXIII

rionexiiiDate nights are always logistical when you have kids, work, and other extraneous factors such as exhaustion that have a tendency to get in your way of having an excellent date night. It’s hard to find gems – great food, excellent service and yummy cocktails. Rione XIII located in Capital Hill, Seattle will not disappoint. I’ve eaten at this restaurant probably 10 times in the last 9 months. Be sure to make a reservation at least a week in advance if you want a table otherwise enjoy dining at the bar. When I was last there – 2 weeks ago the asparagus salad (using fresh ingredients) was mouth-watering. I’ve had the Carciofi alla Giudia (see their dinner menu) which is fried artichoke is a hit and miss. Two out of three times I’ve had it was amazing and I don’t even like artichokes. Unfortunately the last time it was a bit chalky. Normally I order a special, which usually is a fish dish. My first time at Rione XIII I had grilled Branzino – European Sea Bass which was delicious. Rione XIII is known for their pasta and I have only eaten four of them on the pasta menu. Did I tell you that I love food. I search out the best of everything. Also for those of you that are like me and order way too much food, their food does carry out well and reheats for leftovers the next day.

Parking can be tricky but I always find parking on side streets, behind the restaurant. Rione XIII is also a great place to go and meet up with a friend too.