Amazing! Starbucks Reserve & Princi – The Seattle Roastery.

So good!

I love pastries! My favorite hobby is sourcing pastries. For a number of years my favorite pastry shop in Seattle was Crumble and Flake. Today, they have slid down to number 5. But I’m not writing to tell you about their fall, I’m writing to tell you about Starbucks Reserve & Princi at the Seattle Roastery on Pike St. If you haven’t been there – it’s definitely a place to go. Not only for the various tastings of their higher grade coffee, or their modern wood decor but for their pastries and breads!


Prosciutto & Cheese Croissant!

I ordered a prosciutto and cheese croissant to eat while I was taking in the ambiance of the Roastery (I think the prosciutto is from Rainshadow Meats – which is another great meat source for steaks and shaved ham). The pastry was served on a wooden tray which connects to the modern wood design of the place. As you can see from the featured picture – it was devoured. I also ordered a chocolate croissant and a loaf of multi-grain bread to take home. When the  twins came home from school they completed a taste test of chocolate croissants from Princi, Crumble and Flake and Bakery Nouveau. The winner…Princi! Note: Bakery Nouveau still wins its category for double baked almond croissants!


Top left – Princi, Top Right – Crumble & Flake, Bottom: Bakery Nouveau

Today, I toasted the multi-grain bread for breakfast with homemade peanut butter and then made chicken salad sandwiches for lunch. Even though the bread was dense it was delightful with it’s respective combinations. Now on to the coffee.

I am not a regular Starbucks connoisseur. I prefer the local coffee shops – Cafe Rococo , Diva Expresso,  Caffe Vita, Expressovivace. While I was at the Roastery, I had a non-fat latte. But it wasn’t with their regular blend they offer in their regular Starbucks. Unfortunately, I didn’t pay a attention to which exact reserve blend it was but I think it was their Guatemalan blend. The latte was AMAZING! I didn’t need to add sugar or anything else.

If you have in visitors, or need a spot for a breakfast meeting, a coffee date or just want to learn more about coffee – be sure to visit The Seattle Roastery you won’t be disappointed.


Brioche – interior completely filled with custard!


Visiting Pike’s Place – Place Pigalle is a must!

place_pigalle_logoTRPlace Pigalle is a fabulous restaurant. Scrumptious food, spectacular views of Puget Sound and history to take in (seedy watering hole in 1909). If you’re downtown Seattle, close to Pike’s Place Market or at the Market be sure to stop in and have lunch or dinner at this restaurant. Place Pigalle is one of my favorites and my family’s favorites. When my father visits he insists we all go (including the twins) and have lunch – beet salad, crab cakes, scallops and of course white wine! The crab cakes are the best I’ve tasted in Seattle. Note: they are known for the exceptional seafood dishes sourced locally and served by friendly staff. This restaurant is great for a date night, lunch with the in-laws, girls’ luncheon or a business meeting.

It’s a bit tricky to find– it’s on the edge of the Market. You need to go to the big brass pig, under the famous Pike’s Place Market Sign where the fishmongers throw the fish (as seen in the movie Splash! And Sleepless in Seattle), venture left and travel between the butcher and the fishmonger and you’ll see a fluorescent sign and the view. There are a few steps down to the entrance so strollers can be left up behind the fishmonger.