Scheduling Summer Camps/Classes in Seattle

Each Jan/Feb many Seattle parents start the hunt for summer camps. Finding the camps can sometimes be fun, but filling out the plethora of applications for multiple kids (20 applications for 10 weeks for 2 kids) for educational/fun childcare is inefficient. I had quickly sketched out (on Balsamiq Cloud -a fantastic program to draft new ideas) a potential system that could search for all camps in a parents radius, complete one application for one kid, and pay all at once. I was so excited I pitched it to a friend of mine at dinner last night. Halfway through, she mentioned 6Crickets – a startup here in Seattle that had the same idea to help parents schedule their summer camp programs and classes. It also has the ability to view/schedule with friends. Since I had two spots left out of our 10 weeks of summer, I thought I’d try it. It worked! Not all camps/classes are listed but over 5000+ are. I was quite happy to use 6Crickets and bench my idea.

If you’re still looking to schedule your summer camps in Seattle, click here to register and to notify 6Crickets you received this referral from me.

Happy Scheduling!



Spanx in a swimsuit = Miraclesuit (look 10lbs lighter)

After the twins were born, my front and behind were not as they were prior to pregnancy. As I sit here eating 2 pieces of cake, I’m sourcing an exceptional product known as the Miraclesuit . This source may be a bit late in the summer but if you’re still trying to figure out how to look and feel good in a swimsuit this season this product will assist you. You will look 10lbs lighter in 10 seconds! These bathing suits are a bit expensive but they seriously work. Note: it is not easy to get into them similar to SPANX since they work the same way. Last year, I picked up a purple and white polka dot Miraclesuit and had numerous compliments (I also felt that it held everything together).

Once you have your body back to the way you’d like – try out this line of swimwear Title Nine. This company sells clothes that fit women who have had kids and that are active. It’s for the real woman. They also hold up well to chlorine, waves and children!

Tip: If you want to wear a bikini (but a bit nervous) – choose a bikini you love and then buy a matching rash guard to cover up.

Enjoy the sun!